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Founded in the year 2000,Copros lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufactor and supplier of car HID Xenon lamps,auto LEDs and other auto lighting products in Guangzhou City of China.

Since our company founded,We adopt the most advanced technology to provide ballasts for HID xenon kits. Our product ranges cover all kinds of automobile HID conversion kits and HID bulbs with different color temperatures from 4,300K to 12,000K. Our products are manufactured according to the standards of the Quality Surveillance Inspection Center of the National Automobile in 2004 and they also have obtained the European E-Mark certificate.

In 2003, we invested our production lines for automobile LED lamps.Our new types of automobile auxiliary lighting replace of the normal filament bulbs. Our products include high power leds, led fog lamps,angle eyes,led strips,etc.

Our sales department focus attention on introducing our products to oversea clinets. Our HID kits and LED lamps are exported to USA, Brazil,Germany, Turkey, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, the UK, Poland, Czech, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

In the future,We will, as always, committed to provide customers with quality products, satisfied trade services, and look forward to long-term cooperation with you. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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